That little rectangular, electronic gizmo in your pocket you sometimes use for phone calls is probably capable of shooting 4K resolution video, which is certainly an impressive feat, but that alone doesn’t mean you can make a high-quality video. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how many pixels you pack into a frame if your subject is too dark, too shaky, or too muffled. Luckily, there are a few items that can make a dramatic difference. Here for a few accessories that will really up your phone-video game.

Great Value

This extends up to 67 inches and has a built-in mobile-holder. AIXPI

While your phone camera may have a lot of resolution, what it doesn’t have is a big image sensor, which means it’s going to struggle in low light, especially with video. You can counteract much of this with a simple ring light. These are especially good when you’re self-filming. They’ll light your face evenly and even give you a mystical sparkle in your eyes.

This can produce buttery-smooth clips even under the shakiest, bounciest circumstances. Hohem

If you’ve never used an electronic gimbal, you’re about to have your mind blown. Shaky video is one of the hallmarks of amateurism, and it’s no fun for your audience to watch. With a gimbal you can run through rough terrain and you’ll find that your camera looks like it was on rails. Even if you’re not walking or running, it makes a big difference for hand-held shots.

Also Consider

This is small and subtle but captures audio that will take your clips to the next level. PowerDeWise

Audio is the most-overlooked component when it comes to making videos, which is a shame, because it’s arguably the most important. Yes, more important than resolution and image quality, especially if somebody is talking. People will forgive a less than ideal shot as long as they can still follow the story with their ears. To that end, having an off-camera mic attached to your body will do a superior job of isolating your voice and will really let your viewers connect with you.