A good candle can be soothing and relaxing, providing hours of enjoyment. On the table, a candle can make a normal dinner special. Placed around the bedroom, candles can turn a humdrum evening into a romantic interlude, and when staged in different locations around the house, candles can even provide much-needed light when the electricity fails during a storm or other emergency. If you’ve never considered making your own candles, you should. Doing so is actually quite easy, and the supplies needed to start are minimal. The three basic things you’ll need are wax, jars and wicks. Let the enjoyment begin!

This natural soy candle wax can hold up to 15 percent fragrance. Unsplash

Even the most rank beginner shouldn’t be surprised that the number one ingredient for candle making is wax. Paraffin is the traditional wax used for candle making that has been used for that purpose for hundreds of years. It is still very popular for a number of reasons, including its low cost and ability to easily take added colors and scents. Soy wax is more of a newcomer to the art. It is often mixed with paraffin and also easily accepts scents and colors. Beeswax has been used for making candles for centuries, with beeswax candles even found in the great pyramids of Egypt. Quite a bit more expensive than paraffin and soy, beeswax also isn’t suitable for adding scents since it has a distinctive faint scent of its own.

These containers are made with seamless construction and work great for DIY candle projects. EricX Light

You’re also going to need some kind of container to make your candles in, and a wide variety of glass jars, bottles and other containers will do the job well. You can even use old coffee mugs, glassware and canning jars. Actually, any kind of container that can withstand the necessary heat to melt the wax can be used to make your candles in and store them later. A wide variety of candle containers are available online, or you can make your own from containers you have around the house. Note that containers with lids are very handy when storing your candles and if you plan to wrap them as gifts to give to others.

These igniters are pre-waxed and tabbed for easy use. EricX Light

The right wick size is important in whether the candles you make will burn perfectly or not. A properly wicked candle burns cleaner and gives more reliable burn times and fragrance throw than those with the incorrect wick. A candle with too small of a wick will burn down the middle of the container instead of burning out to the side. On an overwicked candle, on the other hand, the flame burns too tall and flickers. For best results, try a couple of different wick sizes as a test before making a large batch. That way you can determine which one is right for a just-right burn. Note that many candle making websites have recommendations available on wick size, so check there if uncertain. Length is also important in determining what wick to purchase. Suffice it to say that it’s a lot easier to trim a wick that is too long than light a wick that is too short and doesn’t protrude from the wax.