Three Times You Need to Wear Women’s Running Shorts

Women’s running shorts are much more versatile than you think, and too comfortable to just wear while you’re jogging.

Women’s running shorts are breathable, stretchy and surprisingly cute. Here are three pairs we love to break a sweat in, whether we’re in for a marathon or a sprint.

Long Length

These are available in basically every color in the rainbow, up to a 5XL. Baleaf

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When you’re on the run, look for a pair of shorts with a side pocket or one hidden in the waistband. That way, you can keep keys, phone and headphones on hand and out of your way.

Moisture Wicking Fabric

Lightweight polyester stays dry and lets you move freely. Under Armour

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While cotton is comfy for day-to-day, it’s almost always best to stick to synthetic fabrics, like polyester, for exercising. These materials tend to stay dry during intense sweat sessions, last through many wears and can withstand plenty of laundry cycles.

Flattering Fit

These pair perfectly with just a sports bra or cropped hoodie. ODODOS

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Another advantage of synthetic fabric is just how stretchy it is. It won’t pull or pinch while you’re running, and gives your full range of motion. A high waist is comfortable and looks cute on errand runs, not just the sporty runs.