Three Times You Need to Wear Women’s Running Shorts

Women’s running shorts are much more versatile than you think, and too comfortable to just wear while you’re jogging.

Woman lacing up her running shoes.
Like so many other women’s fashions that flowed from the gym to the street, women’s running shorts are stylish, comfortable, and just the ticket for working out or lounging around.Pexels/Tirachard Kumtanom

If you’re looking for running shorts, you want a fitted pair. That means, as a woman, you want women’s running shorts. Why is it so important? Women’s running shorts place an emphasis on ensuring they are a better fit for a woman’s waist, thighs, and hips—all things that are very different on a woman’s body compared to a mans’. There are many different types of women’s running shorts available, making them a versatile piece of clothing in your closet. Here are three reasons why you should add a few pairs to your wardrove.


High Waist Workout Yoga Running Compression Exercise Shorts
Imagine that—using women’s running shorts for running!Baleaf

Women’s running shorts are a breed of their own because, as mentioned above, they specifically fit a woman’s body. There are some extra features in running shorts that will come in handy while you’re running, including side pockets, as well as an interior pocket that allows you to store your key or any other items you may need out on your run. The gusseted crotch of running shorts provides the ability to move more freely without discomfort, which is key to running.


Under Armour Women's Fly By Running Shorts
Even if you don’t run, a pair of women’s running shorts can be amazingly comfortable at the gym.Under Armour

“Why do I want running shorts if I don’t run?” you may be asking yourself. Well, women’s running shorts are great to use for other workouts, thanks to some of the short’s features. One such feature is sweat wicking material that will keep you dry no matter how difficult of a workout you’re putting in. In addition, women’s running shorts are typically made of lightweight fabric, so you can stay comfortable and cool while working out. Lastly, the elastic waistband on women’s running shorts allows you to feel secure in your shorts, while still feeling comfortable.


High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short
Running shorts are great for those days when you don’t want to put ‘real’ clothes on.ODODOS

We all have those times when it seems impossible to put ‘real’ clothes on, and that’s when women’s running shorts will become your best friend. They come with the right level of comfort that allow you to lounge in any position you want in comfort. Look for women’s running shorts made of high-quality material. This will ensure you feel the ultimate level of comfort, and the pair better fits your body.