Three Tricks for Breathing New Life Into Your Old Sofa

Before you spend untold sums of money on new furniture cushions, know there are less expensive ways to breathe new life into furniture.

Trendy loft-style living room
A simple change of pillow and blanket color can make it appear as though you’ve redecorated the entire room.Chait Goli/Pexels

Interior design is subjective, but when it comes to displaying good taste, there are a few principles involved. One of those is that a couch alone can’t serve as the last word on your personal style. It needs some punctuation in the form of an extra pillow or two, preferably a matched set. Picking out sofa cushions may seem like an inconsequential afterthought, but they serve as the accent mark on any well-considered space. Here are three ways to make the most of this subtle but essential interior accessory.

Pillow Covers

MIULEE Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Soild Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set
If your pillows are still in great shape but could use a new look and feel, a pillow cover can help for a fraction of the cost of new pillows.MIULEE

Buying the pillow cover separately is an easy way to get exactly the right color and texture you are looking for. It can be a little harder to precisely match any given cover with the perfect insert, but buying covers and inserts individually opens up an entirely new array of design and size choices.

Pillow Inserts

EDOW Throw Pillow Inserts
If someone in your home has allergies, select pillows with hypoallergenic filling.EDOW

Whether you are custom matching covers, refurbishing old pillows, or creating your own craft covers from scratch, it’s important to get the right fit in a pillow insert. Many reviewers recommend buying one size larger than needed for a firm fit. Also, look for inserts that are washable and have sterilized or hypoallergenic stuffing, especially if it is a natural product like duck or goose feathers.

Lumbar Pillows

Foamily 2 Pack - 12" x 20" Premium Hypoallergenic Lumbar Stuffers Pillow Inserts
If your suffer from low back pain, or always seem to get stuck in the “uncomfortable” chair, a lumbar pillow could offer relief.Foamily

If you want to add a little more luxury and comfort to the family sofa, think about throwing in a couple of lumbar pillows alongside the standard square cushions. They won’t take up much room, they add color variation to any interior, and lumbar pillows offer an extra level of comfort come nap time.