Three Types of Rain Jackets That Keep Men Dry

Choose the jacket that’s right for the occasion, the look, and the moisture level.

Remember that bright yellow slicker your mother made you wear on rainy days when you were a little kid? It was heavy, uncomfortable, weird looking, and smelled funny. You’d rather just get wet instead of wearing it. You hated that rain coat.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wear that yellow raincoat anymore (unless, of course, you actually like feeling restricted and clammy while looking like a walking road sign). Today’s rain jackets look good, feel comfortable, and keep you as dry—in fact, even dryer—than that yellow monstrosity. Here’s a look at three common types of rain jackets that even your mother would approve.

Quick Trips

Most outwear of this type folds down into a small pouch but is still made from soft fabrics that resist both moisture and dirt. Columbia

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Sometimes you need a rain jacket for those times when you’re running from one place to another in the rain—from your car to the office, say. Or you want to take the dog for a quick walk outside. What you need here is a lightweight jacket that you can throw on and will keep you dry. You can get a good lightweight jacket for very little money, that looks good and has a nice soft touch.

Extended Wear

The option has two zip pockets to keep your belongings dry. Columbia

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If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the rain—on a hike, a cross-town jaunt, or several times during one of those all-day rains, when you have to put on the same jacket you took off just a couple of hours ago. That’s when you want a jacket that’s both waterproof and breathable, so you can exert yourself without getting sweated up, and simply shake the jacket a couple of times when you’re inside so it’ll dry off. Choose a known brand to make sure the material does breathe well—that’s not always the case with off-brands.

Monsoon Conditions

This option is comfortable, lightweight, and wind-resistant. Frogg Toggs

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You can have the best rain jacket ever made, but if your pants get soaking wet, what’s the difference? So, if you have an outdoor job and have to be in the elements no matter the conditions, or if you hunt or fish and can’t afford to wait for better weather, invest in a full rain suit. Modern materials make these comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and durable. Your mother would definitely approve.