Anyone who does their own home or automobile maintenance needs socket wrenches in their tool kit. A kit can range from a simple ratchet with a baker’s dozen of mismatched socket heads to a full-blown professional set that includes hundreds of well-coordinated pieces. Without doubt, the easiest way to ensure you’re prepared for those unexpected home or roadside emergencies—as well as routine maintenance— is to invest in a complete socket set that comes with its own carrying case. Any of these kits would make an excellent addition to your tool arsenal.

Starter Pack

A package that comes with its own storage case makes it easier to notice when something is misplaced. DEWALT

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Between standard and metric sockets, open-end and box wrenches, hex keys, different ratchet handles, adapters, and extensions, even a basic set of socket wrenches is going to have a hundred or more pieces. Those sold with their own locking carrying case are much easier to keep organized and make it obvious when one piece goes missing.

A Complete Selection

If you’re looking to do some serious work, the more help you have at your disposal, the easier the job will be. Craftsman

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For the serious shade-tree or professional mechanic, a quality socket set will include all of the above as well as driver handles and bits for flathead, Phillips, square, and Torx-drive screws. Ratchets should accommodate anywhere from 1/4- to 1/2-inch sockets.

Everyday Use

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If you don’t need a dedicated socket set, consider a general-purpose tool kit that also includes sockets. You’ll get everything you need to perform basic driving tasks, along with the added utility of tools like pliers, channel locks, hammers, and one-piece screwdrivers.