Three Types of Storage Bins You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re looking for a solution to unorganized closets or haphazard kitchen cabinets, a simple storage bin can tidy up your messy world.

Messy closet with storage bins
There are countless differently sized and shaped storage bins that can make neat what once was a mess. IRIS USA, Inc. IRIS USA, Inc.

“Storage bins” is such a general term and you likely haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what that word means. Storage bins can mean a lot of different things, but one thing they always mean is organization, and physical organization is key to mental organization. So, if you’re looking to bring some organization into your life, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few thoughts on what you should look for in a storage bin before you buy.

Space Savers

These are made from a durable polypropylene plastic for longevity. Rubbermaid

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Don’t want to deal with stickers and markers and spending the time to label what’s in your storage bins? Opt for plastic bins instead that allow you to take the lazy route and see exactly what’s inside. Storage bins with buckle latches will keep all your belongings inside, organized, and secure. Another great benefit of these storage bins is that they are stackable, which means you can take your organizing to new heights. As an added bonus, some storage bins come with a pull handle on the bottom of the bin so that you can pull it out with ease.

Buckle Up

Transparent plastic lets you skip labels and see all the contents at a glance. IRIS USA, Inc

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Want to store a lot of stuff but hidden in plain view? Then we introduce you to foldable cubes. These are a chic way to store whatever you’d like in a way that you can tuck away without anyone knowing what sits inside. These are great for everywhere from in your closet to in your living room and can store everything from toys to clothes. The handle on these storage bins make your items inside easy to access, and when you don’t need what’s inside, these bins can fold down flat for storage in another bin!


Perfect for out-of-season clothes or pieces that won’t fit in your dresser. Simple Houseware

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If you feel like plastic storage bins aren’t your style, and foldable cubes aren’t working for you either, try a new style of storage bin: the organizer with zippers. This type of organizer is great for anything but is most popular for sweaters, comforters, and bedsheets. The sturdy handles on these storage bins ensure you can pack a lot of weight and still comfortably carry the bins around.

Also Consider:

Large Capacity

This set is manufactured with transparent openings so you can see what’s inside. Lifewit

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Quick Transport

This model includes caster wheels for better mobility. HOMZ

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