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Credit and debit cards with embedded microchips are common because computers can read them quickly and unlike the magnetic strips on cards, chips don’t transmit a large amount of personal data. That protects you against identity theft and fraud, but some thieves use handheld readers to get the numbers and expiration dates of cards embedded with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips. Additionally, U.S. passports issued after August 2007 have embedded RFID chips, which allows for faster movement through borders and customs, but again opens the door to electronic pickpockets. That’s why RFID blocking wallets, which are built with layers of material that RFID readers can’t penetrate, are being used by more and more people. Here are a few types you should consider.

This one holds up to 12 cards. The Ridge

Newer wallets on the market are designed to hold credit and ID cards instead of a large amount of paper money and photos (which today are stored on cell phones). Such wallets are thin and can be easily carried in a front pocket, rather than the traditional back-pocket carry by men. They also take up very little room in a handbag (and, for some women, negate the use of a handbag entirely). Makers of RFID blocking wallets have followed suit and offer thin, easily carried wallets styled for men and women.

So Many Colors

It’s a dough holder and data-theft protector in one tiny package! TRAVANDO

You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to thwart electronic pickpockets. Wallets made in traditional styles that look like standard wallets are also available for both men and women.

Terrific Value

In addition to protecting your data, this one holds a passport and cards, and can be hidden underneath clothing. ALPHA KEEPER

If you’re going to be traveling with a passport, or if you’ll be traveling domestically in areas that may harbor traditional pickpockets as well as electronic thieves, a, money-belt-style or neck-pouch-style RFID blocking wallet is a smart idea. Both keep your cards and passport close to your body and aren’t easily seen or stolen by thieves—and they prevent any thief with an RFID reader from obtaining information.