Three Ways a Margarita Machine Can Keep the Party Flowing

Electric beverage machines are great for relaxing alone or hosting a party, even if the drinks are alcohol free.

It’s always happy hour somewhere, right? That being the case, an automated cocktail mixer can make it easy to play the perfect host in your home, at a food-service business, or for any casual gathering. From craft cocktails in the living room to a round of margaritas at the backyard barbecue, one of these dispensers will suit just about any adult-beverage situation. Here are a few types of automated barkeeper to consider.

A pod-style mixer is ideal for when you just need to make sips for one or two people. Bartesian

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If you want to serve a wide variety of drinks in your home entertaining area, a pod-style cocktail mixer allows you to create a nearly infinite number of drinks with the push of a button. Simply insert a pre-measured capsule, determine the strength of spirits desired, and let a private mixologist serve you and your guests in style.

With four pre-programmed settings, this unit can make any kind of flavored slushy drink you’re craving. Margaritaville

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When the occasion calls for keeping those margaritas flowing, a mixing machine takes the hassle out of messy countertop blenders. Multi-cannister units can also pull a double shift in the family’s pool house or the office break room by serving a variety of non-alcoholic frozen beverages that will keep everybody smiling.

If you’re expecting a crowd, you better be sure you have a machine that keeps up with the demand for margaritas. BRAVO ITALIA

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If your business depends on serving some sort of slushed-ice drink, a high-capacity machine is the only way to meet demand. Margaritas, granitas, smoothies, and slushies of any flavor are all easy with a professional-grade mixer.