Three Ways to Add Life to Your Hair

If you’re struggling to style your hair or it simply looks dull and weathered, try these products to make it look full and silky.

As much as we try to let our hair do its own thing, sometimes it just needs to be tamed. That’s where choosing the right hair products comes in. There are so many hair products that do such a variety of things, so think about why you may need some hair products. Here are three reasons we can think of: to nourish, to combat frizz, and to add some shine to your hair.


When normal shampoo and conditioners, replenish it with a leave-in product. It’s a 10 Haircare

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There are times when your regular shampoo and conditioner are just not doing their job to get your hair nourished, and that’s when it’s time to reach for something else. You should grab for a leave-in product packed with vitamin C and other nutrients to help replenish your hair’s health.

Combat Frizz

A simple spray can help reduce hair frizz. COLOR WOW

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If you are someone who colors their hair or uses heating tools on it, chances are good you’re suffering from frizz. Aim to get a hair product that doesn’t weigh your hair down and doesn’t layer on grease that causes even more problems. The best results come from products you use after shampooing and conditioning your hair, but you’ll still get some of the benefits even a few days later.


Shine bright as a star, sans the grease, by adding the right product. BUYWOW

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Get your hair shiny while also reducing dandruff and frizz with a hair product that includes apple cider vinegar. This hair product is ideal to use once a week at most, to ensure the highest level of efficacy. A shampoo/conditioner combo works great to repair damaged hair and help bring life back from any dullness your hair is suffering from.