Three Ways to Entertain Kids with Bubbles

Whether your child enjoys bubbles in the bathtub or backyard, there are several ways make the experience even more fun.

Almost every kid loves bubbles. In a bath, on the breeze, up their nose—it really doesn’t matter. There’s just something about those colorful crystalline orbs that captures the imagination and makes bubble play one of the simplest of childhood pleasures available any time of day, indoors or out. Here are three popular methods for enjoying the timeless craft of making bubbles.

Has Everything You Need

Best activity ever. It’s environmentally safe, fun and a terrific way to exercise a child’s imagination. Wowmazing

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Want to blow a child’s mind? Then blow a bigger bubble. Wand and string devices create record-setting bubbles that will leave kids astounded and begging for more. These toys use a lot of solution, which can get a bit sloppy, so they are best for outdoor play only.

Multiple Scents

If your child enjoys a long soak, an irritant-free solution is a must. The Honest Company

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The first rule of running a bubble bath for kids is that the soap be tear-free and devoid of anything that might irritate sensitive skin. Organic bubble solutions made from natural ingredients, such as lavender and chamomile, are good bets for a bath that will be as relaxing and safe as it is fun.


Rather than buy a new bubble kit every time you run out of solution, but solution in bulk and refill bottles. Joyin

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Whether you are loading up a giant bubble wand or filling an electric bubble machine for a birthday, wedding reception, or some other festive occasion, you’ll need plenty of suds to keep the party going. Buy bubble solution or bubble concentrate in bulk to cut costs and make sure you never run out.