Three Ways to Get More Natural Fruit into Your Diet

All-natural fruit snacks are delicious, healthy, and a great alternative to sugary treats if you have a sweet tooth.

In need of a high-energy snack that’s also nutritious and won’t weigh you down? It’s hard to beat dried fruit to keep you going at work, on the trail, or any time you need a quick boost of flavor and energy. From fruit leather to dehydrated chips, it’s easy to indulge in these all-natural treats anytime, anywhere. Dried fruit also has a long shelf life, making it an obvious choice for any store of emergency rations or trail food. Here are a few popular ways of enjoying this healthy and versatile snack.


Freeze-drying isn’t the same as the dehydrating process, and it extends the shelf-life of products. Bonnie and Pop

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Freeze drying is not to be confused with simple dehydrating. Yes, it is also a water-removal process, but freezing under vacuum conditions causes the H2O in the product to convert straight from ice to a gas, leaving behind more of the food’s original flavor and a crispier, chip-like texture. Freeze-drying also maximizes shelf life of fruit products, making it the best method for long-term storage.

Healthy Gift

These can be dense and a little more filling than small produce. That’s it

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Fruit leathers and bars are a great addition to any lunch or breakfast and a great snack in their own right. Because different fruits can be blended to produce unique flavor profiles, there is more variety of taste in commercial fruit bars than in freeze-dried or dehydrated fruit.

Good on the Go

These gummy treats are close to other gummy goodies, but healthier. Mott’s

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Gummies don’t have to be all candy and no nutrition. They may not be as wholesome as real fruit, but kids love the taste and texture of gummies, making them a good way to sneak in some extra vitamin C on a regular basis.