Three Ways to Keep Your Feet Dry on a Rainy Day

Wet and cold feet can ruin your day, no matter what activities you have planned.

One thing is certain about a rainy day: If you get your feet wet in the morning, they’ll nearly always still be wet when afternoon rolls around. Consequently, remaining comfortable during your activities becomes much more difficult. After all, wet feet can easily become cold feet. These three products will keep your feet dry, whether you are working outside in the mud, pursuing outdoor recreational activities, or just trying to keep your expensive dress shoes from getting ruined.

For Work

These boots are made to keep your feet warm and dry when working outdoors in the mud and muck. Muck Boots

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Anyone working outside in wet weather has a particularly tough challenge of keeping their feet dry—especially if they might encounter water, muck, or mud six inches or deeper. The best choice for this kind of situation is a dedicated “rain boot” or “mud boot” that is designed specifically to keep water out and is tall enough to not let water or muck spill over into the boot. Some things to consider when shopping for these boots include amount of insulation (your choice will depend on outdoor temperature), weight (those doing lots of walking will prefer lighter boots), height (will depend on how deep of muck you might walk in), and fit (most fit loose, so aren’t really comfortable for lots of walking).

For Outdoor Activities

Waterproof uppers on these boots make them ideal for hiking and other outdoor recreational activities in wet conditions. NORTIV

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For outdoor recreational activities, the mud/rain boots mentioned earlier will certainly do the job and keep your feet dry. But if you will be walking long distances over any rough terrain, they’ll be heavy, uncomfortable and likely cause blisters because of their naturally loose fit. For most outdoor recreational activities, waterproof hiking-style boots will be just right for the job. Look for boots that either have waterproof uppers or have a Gore-Tex or other waterproof liner for keeping out moisture. Since these boots aren’t all rubber, many are made with good breathability to keep your feet from sweating. That keeps feet dry from both the inside and outside.

For Going to The Office

These stretch rubber overshoes slip over your dress shoes so you can keep your shoes protected walking to the office, then slip them off once you arrive. Tingley

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While both of the aforementioned boot types are good for certain purposes, neither are suited for keeping your dress shoes dry when you’re wearing slacks or a suit on your way to the office. Maybe the sprinklers have been running and made a mess, or perhaps a recent thunderstorm left large puddles on the sidewalk or in the parking garage. While not as common as they were in years past, slip-on rubber overshoes that slide on over your dress shoes and keep them clean and dry are the perfect solution. Make sure you purchase a large enough size that they are easy to slip off without making a mess once you get inside.