Three Ways to Make Mopping Easier than Ever

Mopping is a chore some people despise, but a few modern mops can turn it into a simple, easy-to-tackle task.

Hard floors can be beautiful, and many people consider them easier to keep clean than carpeted floors. If they are going to stay attractive on an ongoing basis, though, someone has to mop them, and do so regularly. That can turn into a lot of work, which often equates to a lot time that busy people just don’t want to spend mopping. If you love your hard floors but are tired of all the effort you put into keeping them clean, here are three mops to consider that will make the job a little easier.

Robotic Mops

The navigation system on this robotic mop enables it to seamlessly navigate the floor for efficient mopping. iRobot

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Robotic mops are the Cadillac of the floor-mopping world. They do the job for you with just a limited amount of maintenance, but the time savings you experience is reflected in the initial cost of the mops. Some companies even make multi-function units that are robot vacuums and mops. Note that larger, more powerful mops are quite a bit louder than smaller ones, so there’s a tradeoff involved. The best Robotic mops can be controlled via Bluetooth or by free phone apps provided by the mop’s manufacturer. One challenge with robotic mops is most aren’t great at cleaning in sharp corners. Additionally, some have very small water reservoirs so have to be refilled and maintained more often than those with larger reservoirs.

Speed Mops

This starter pack includes a power mop, batteries, five replacement pads and cleaner solution. Swiffer

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Even if you don’t want to toss $400-plus into a robotic mop, there are other options that still beat the old rag mop/bucket combination. If a robot mop is not in your near future, a mop that provides everything you need without having to wring it out is the next best thing. So-called speed mops, also referred to as power mops, have a cleaning surface and cleaning fluid distribution sprayer built into the same unit. Just aim your mop where you want to clean, push the spray button and it will put down the amount of cleaning fluid you need to get the floors looking as good as new. Most are quite light so take less effort than old-fashioned rag mops and buckets. The best ones have replaceable cleaning pads so you can replace them when they get messy and keep mopping without missing a beat.

Microbfiber Mops

This easy-wringer spin mop is much easier to use than an old-fashioned mop and bucket. O-Cedar

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Deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs really tough dirt and grime. Microfiber mops are extremely versatile as they can be used both wet and dry. Also, since they can be reused multiple times before they need to be replaced, they are more environmentally friendly than speed mops with replaceable cleaning pads. Plus, microfiber mops excel at picking up dog and cat hair, as well as other pet messes. Some of the best mops in the microfiber category are spin mops. Many of these feature specialized buckets designed with a built-in wringer for hands-free wringing. Some have foot pedals designed to activate the spin wringing, and the user can control the amount of moisture left in the mop with the amount of pressure he or she exerts on the pedal.