No one likes paying to heat their home, but you don’t want to walk around in a parka indoors either. Fortunately, you can cut energy costs and still keep your home comfortable. Here are a few tips that will help you lower your heating bill, while maintaining a cozy nest, because in these “energy conscious” times, we all need to do our part to cut consumption.

Seal It Up

Plug any crack or gap where cold air might enter a room to prevent your furnace from working harder than it has to. Google

Nothing cools your house like a draft. The introduction of cold air can sap the warmth out of a room in short order, so be sure to plug any areas where cool air might seep in. Expanding spray foam is a great way to seal large gaps and cracks around windows or doors, and you can use caulk to handle the smaller ones. Also, be sure to close the damper of your fireplace when not in use to keep cold air from spilling down your chimney.

Only Use What You Need

If you use some areas of your home more than others, then siphon heat to those spaces instead of empty rooms. Dr Infrared Heater

There’s no reason to heat the entire house when you’re the only one home. If your home’s heating system is equipped with zones, only turn up the one you are in. Shut doors and close vents in rooms that aren’t in use, if possible. Lacking zones that you can shut off, keep the thermostat low and use a space heater to keep the area around you cozy.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Even a simple swap to a smart thermostat can save you money on your monthly heating bill. ecobee

Nothing helps lower your heating bill like a WiFi enabled smart thermostat. Most estimates indicate that by using one you can save at least a 10 percent on your heating costs. Many models are customizable to your schedule, and can keep you comfortable when you’re home, and minimize energy consumption when you’re not. You can also control your heating system via a smartphone, allowing you to kick up the heat remotely so you can return to a warm home when you’re out and about. Installation is simple and smartphone apps make programming a breeze.