Need some extra storage in your home, but don’t have the space to allow it? Want to elevate your decor but don’t want to add more clutter? Floating shelves are a great way to do both those things without sacrificing space and without causing clutter. In addition, floating shelves are a great DIY project that can give you some serious home decor credit with very little effort. Here’s how to pick a setup that’s right for your space.

Top Pick

Take some of the focus off your TV and divert it elsewhere. BAYKA

While some people are very proud of their TVs and want them to command attention when someone walks in the room, there are others who’d rather have the TV be a background piece and shift their guests’ focus elsewhere. If you’re someone in the latter group, then floating shelves are a great way to divert focus from your bulky TV and have people pay attention to what you put on the shelves instead. Books are a great thing to put on the shelves above or next to your TV, as well as other decorative items that make a statement.

Nifty Design

It includes and removable towel holder for added value. Soduku

If you’re like many people who are stuck with a smaller kitchen than they’d like, turn to floating shelves to help you out. They are a quick, easy way to bring more storage into your kitchen without taking up extra space, and without paying the hefty price tag of adding more cabinets. Ideally, save your nicer looking dishes for the floating shelves, as they will be on full display at all times.

Great Value

This one won’t take up much space on the wall. WALI

If you live in a big city, or in a small home anywhere, it seems that bathrooms are the room that get the biggest brunt of living in a small space. The size of bathrooms is minimized to what is absolutely necessary, and oftentimes that means floor space and storage space are sacrificed. But don’t worry, there is a solution: floating shelves. Add a unit to your bathroom walls and you’ll have plenty of space to store your toiletries in a visually pleasing way (as long as you keep things organized).