Three Ways to Treat Mom with a Gift Basket

When you can’t think of a single thing to gift your mom, give her several things, all packaged together with a bow on top.

A gift basket for mom is always a great way to celebrate a special day. But many gift baskets are moderately priced, so they’re perfect for simply celebrating the fact that you have a special woman in your life who deserves to feel special. From chocolates to gourmet sauces to bath products, gift baskets are an easy, quick, meaningful way to let her know that she’s unforgettable (and that you didn’t forget!).

Spa at Home

Each of these is made in the USA with all-natural ingredients. LifeAround2Angels

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Moms want to be pampered, and in-home spa supplies are a nearly foolproof way to every mother’s heart. Whether it’s an organic face mask, a home pedicure set, or soothing bath gels, items that let mom sink into a bit of at-home luxury will get high marks. Aromatic bath bombs are a huge hit. They’re easy to use, decadent, and let mom bathe the stress away.

Chocolate Always Wins

This basket includes savory cheese, crackers, and cookies. Wine Country Gift Baskets

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Can you go wrong with sweet goodies? Never. When you choose a sweet-treat gift basket, the gift lasts for day after day. And the best moms also know how important it is to share, so you might just reap a few tasty benefits of your own generosity!

Honey Dos

The lotions in this gift pack pampers mom literally from head to toe. Burt’s Bees

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Everyone wants to get healthy and do away with all the non-natural ingredients that sneak into everyday items. Choosing a gift basket with an ecologically sustainable theme tells mom that you love the world she lives in almost as much as you love her.