Three Ways to Use Hairspray (Besides the Obvious)

Hairspray can do more than just hold your hair in place.

Woman getting her hair dressed up.
There are hairsprays specifically made for circumstances when you hair needs to do more than hold its shape.Elena Buzmakova

Hairspray is a must for anyone who spends time styling their hair. Few things are more frustrating than putting in the time to get the perfect “do” and walking out the door to have it fall apart just a few minutes later. However, there is much more that hairspray can do that many people are unaware of. Hairspray is also great for volumizing, humidity resistance, and texturizing.


No one likes a hairstyle that is void of volume. So, double up on your volume while also making sure your hold is long-lasting. However, you want to make that putting all this hold and volume in your hair doesn’t render is unmovable. Hair that remains flexible and manageable is key. Look for a hairspray that works for up to 72 hours.

Humidity Resistance

Kenra 2419444 Volume Spray Hair Spray
When it comes to hair and humidity, frizz is never welcome.Kenra

After styling your hair, you do not want to deal with frizz. That can wreck your style and your day pretty fast. Apply a hairspray that is filled with humidity-resistant ingredients to keep the frizz at bay and keep your style looking fresh and fabulous.


ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray
Texture can really take your hair to the next level.ORIBE

Want your hair to look fuller and more playful? Add a hairspray that also texturizes to get that bit of grittiness that gives the perfect day-two hair look. Get the full glam look with bigger, more voluminous, and textured spray that has you feeling like a rock star.