Three Ways You Can Up Your Golf Game

While golf can be a hard sport to master, shaving a few strokes off your game can be easy with a few specific tools.

For many Americans, being out on the links chasing a little white ball with family and friends is the highlight of their week. The old, now mostly forgotten saying, “Live to Golf, Golf to Live,” illustrates just how seriously some people take the sport. One of the keys to enjoying golf is constant improvement. Fortunately, literally thousands of manufacturers offer tools designed to improve your golf game. Here are three you should consider.

Range Your Shot

This top-quality rangefinder has 5x magnification and is accurate to within one yard. Bushnell

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Knocking it close to the pin is the goal of nearly every golfer on his or her approach to the green. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do if you don’t know the exact distance. That’s where a good, golf-specific rangefinder comes into play. Important thing to consider when choosing a rangefinder include features (slope mode is helpful), size (smaller and lighter are usually better), functionality (if it’s hard to use, you probably won’t), cost (prices range from about $150 to more than $1,000) and durability. Rangefinders with coated lenses offer better visibility, and waterproof units are a must when playing in inclement conditions.

Training Aids

According to the maker, training for only 10 minutes, three times a week, with these weighted clubs will show positive results. SuperSpeed Golf

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Training aids for golfers run the gamut from cheap to super-expensive, helpful to not so much, silly to high-tech. Weighted clubs are popular because they can help you groove your swing while you build muscles that are important to a good golf swing. Other aids are aimed at improving your putting—an area where most golfers could stand to shave a few strokes per round. Some training aids are as simple as golf-specific selfie sticks that push into the ground and hold your smartphone, allowing you to video your swing and do self-analysis when you get home. That’s a simple tool that might help you correct swing deficiencies. When choosing a training aid, consider your strengths and weaknesses, and concentrate on where you need the most help. If you’re not sure what your weaknesses are, ask your golf buddies—they’ll be happy to tell you!

Warm-up Stick

The warm-up stick can be used for training as well as pre-round warmups. SKLZ

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One versatile tool that can be helpful in improving your golf game is a warm-up stick. As golfers age, such a tool is even more important, although even young golfers benefit from a thorough warm-up before starting a round. Experts suggest that a proper warm-up begins with stretching, which can increase your range of motion by up to 17 percent. A warm-up stick can be incorporated into your stretch routine to ensure you are stretching the right muscles used in the full swing. But that’s not the tools only benefit. Warm-up sticks are also useful in helping golfers groove their swings and build the muscles needed for a good, repeatable swing.