Touchless Soap Dispensers to Make Washing Your Hands Safer and Easier

You don’t have to use your hands to get them clean.

Bathrooms and kitchens can be especially challenging places for germaphobes, even when they’re in their own home. It’s in everyone’s best interest for us to wash our hands before leaving the restroom or when we’re handling food, but how do we do what we have to do safely while touching as few things as possible? A soap dispenser that works its cleaning magic without requiring any body contact can help. And if you’re the type who hasn’t figured out how hard to press a regular dispenser’s pump to get the amount of soap you need, a volume control will help you get it just right. A touchless dispenser that can also release hand sanitizer offers even stronger defense against germs. Here are our recommendations.

Goes the Distance

No need to get too up close and personal. The infrared sensor can detect your hand from up to 2.75 inches away. Secura

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Contactless soap dispensers work through infrared sensors that detect the infrared energy emitted by the body’s heat. When you put your hands underneath it, the fluctuation of infrared energy triggers the pump to dispense. They can be USB or battery-operated. If the latter, make sure the battery compartment is sealed off and waterproof for protection next to the sink.

No Waiting, No Mess

Once-triggered, it releases disinfectant in 0.2 seconds, and when the valve closes, it creates a seal that ensures a clean, smooth drip. simplehuman

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When evaluating a dispenser, you should ask yourself a few questions: 1) Does the sensor work efficiently as soon as you place your hands underneath the dispenser? You don’t want it to misfire or take too long to deliver. 2) Does the soap or gel come out in a smooth stream or in a big glob? 3) Does the soap or gel you put inside it kill germs effectively? Touchless is pointless if what the dispenser squeezes out doesn’t do its job.

The Price Is Right

It’s designed to prevent leaking and to keep H20 from entering the battery compartment. Hanamichi

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Some touchless dispensers can carry both liquid soap and sanitizing gel simultaneously, eliminating the need to buy separate ones for both. Just be sure the pump and inner tanks are resistant to the alcohol in sanitizing gel, since it’s more corrosive than the alcohol in liquid soap. Also double check that the dispenser is made of plastics alcohol won’t degrade. If the inner tank is easily replaceable without requiring you to change the entire dispenser, you’ll save a lot of money over time.