Touchless Trash Cans to Make Getting Rid of Garbage Easier and Cleaner

Look, Ma. No hands!

Technology still hasn’t come up with a way to make garbage magically disappear, but touchless trash cans make throwing it away a lot easier—and cleaner. Operated by a sensor that can detect your approach, these open automatically without you having to lift a lid, push a button, or step on a lever. This means you won’t be required to touch any germ-infested surfaces, and for those with limited mobility, it makes throwing out the garbage a lot easier than foot-operated trash cans. Here are some of our favorite touchless trash cans to add to your home.

Easy Bag Removal

The surface is fingerprint-proof, and the 12-inch opening makes it easy to throw away bulky waste. iTouchless

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Touchless trash cans aren’t just beneficial to our sense of touch; some are equipped with carbon filters to help eliminate odors, making them infinitely easier on our sense of smell, too. And for those who need some backup in this department, stainless steel wastebaskets absorb less odor than plastic ones, so keep this in mind if you throw out lots of stinky garbage.

Minimalist Mid-Size Design

This option has a soft-close lid, and the inner rim helps keep your garbage bag in place. EKO

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Don’t forget to consider the placement of the motion sensor when evaluating touchless trash cans. If it is facing upward, it will be less likely to open in error when people or pets walk by. Also, a waterproof sensor will be protected from accidental spills, and you won’t have to worry about getting it wet when cleaning your touchless trash can.

For Large Loads

This automatically stays open for five seconds, but you can press a button to keep it open longer if you need to throw out a large amount of garbage. Glad

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Touchless trash cans are either powered by an AC adapter or they’re battery-operated models that won’t need to be placed near a power outlet. Some touchless trash cans offer both options for greater flexibility. A number of them also allow you to turn off the sensor, which effectively locks the lid and keeps young children and kids out of the trash.