Tracing Pads for Kids to Unleash Their Creativity

Shed some light on your budding artist’s work.

Tracing pads for kids are much more than just a fun art tool. A backlit screen illuminates drawings placed on top, which kids can then easily trace in order to learn how to draw. Here are our picks for your little artist.

Comes with Supplies

Ultra-slim design is super portable. Crayola

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Get started right out of the box and save time and money on items like paper, crayons, and pencils when you choose a tracing pad that comes with all the supplies your kids will need. Just don’t forget to grab the AAs!

Bright Colors Dazzle

Cute designs in fun, electric hues are perfect for little doodlers. Crayola

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The youngest artists may not have the fine motor skills required for tracing quite yet. For this age group, free-form doodling is a great way to get started. A tracing pad for kids that serves two functions—doodling and tracing—is one that can grow with your child.

Versatile Art Tool

Can be used to sketch out calligraphy, animations, quilting patterns, and more. tiktecklab

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A light box isn’t just for tracing; a good one that’s dimmable provides just the right amount of illumination for a variety of projects. Tasks like shading, sketching, and drawing become much easier with the right lighting.