The ability for your travel blender to be portable is of great importance. However, when shopping for the right travel blender, there is more to look for than its portability. Some important features include the blender’s power, its ability to make a variety of things, and how easy it is to clean. If you’ve got all three of these things, you are not going to regret your travel blender purchase. Here’s more advice to help you shop.


You need a travel blender with enough power to get the job done. Ninja

Big blenders have high wattage and high horsepower. This is what powers them to blend up hefty items. You don’t need the power of your travel blender to be as strong as a large blender, but you still need it to be able to turn something solid into something liquid. You will likely want a travel blender that will crush ice so that you can make the perfect smoothie on the go. This means you want to be on the lookout for a travel blender with around 700 watts of power.


The more your blender is capable of making, the more you’ll use it. Magic Bullet

You don’t want a blender that is only going to make you smoothies. While that is the biggest use of travel blenders, you want options to do more with your travel blender. Get yourself a travel blender that has the power and equipment to make things such as marinades, salad dressing, single-serving soups, juice and more.

Easy to clean

No one wants to deal with clean-up, and with the right travel blender, you won’t have to. Sboly

The point of having something built for travel is so that it is hassle-free. A travel blender should be no different. Not only does it need to be easy to use, it also needs to be easy to clean or else you’re never going to bring it with you. Most travel blenders are dishwasher-safe so you can wash them wherever you go. Some even come with a bottle brush to make washing on the go as easy as can be.