Tub mats are easy to clean, mildew-resistant and protect against slippery ceramic. They’re especially useful in homes with toddlers or elderly people who might slip while bathing. Here’s what to shop for in yours.

Made with mildew-resistant materials and designed for thorough water drainage. Gorilla Grip

If your tub and shower are combined, you’ll want to use the mat for showering, but not while bathing. A foldable mat is easy to remove when not in use and replace when you need it.

Secure vinyl that spans the full length of the bathing area. SlipX Solutions

The suction cups on some mats only adhere to completely smooth surfaces. Even tiny interruptions in texture, like grout lines, may reduce slip-resistance. Check the label on your tub mat to make sure it’s safe for your particular bathing set-up.

Cobblestone texture for safe traction and a built-in foot massage. OTHWAY

Alas, like everything else in the bathroom, your tub mat won’t clean itself. Mildew can develop when mats stay wet, so read the care instructions to find the best way to keep your tub mat squeaky clean. Most models recommend hanging mats to air-dry after use—some can go in the washing machine from time to time.