Three Types of Disposable Cups for Home or Work

Disposable cups are a great alternative to glasses, mugs, and steins, especially if you’re worried about breaking your best set.

Whether you are entertaining a hundred guests at a backyard barbeque or pouring a cup of joe in the break room, a disposable cup makes it easy to serve you or your guests in style. But not all cups are created equal. Beyond the age-old question of paper or plastic, there are considerations of volume, construction type, and intended use. Here are three styles that will find a place in virtually any home or office setting.


These keep drinks warmer longer.


Insulated paper cups eliminate the need to “double cup” a hot drink or use a sleeve to prevent burnt hands. That cuts down on both waste and cost. Look for a cup with a rolled lip to encourage cautious sipping, accept a snap-on lid if desired, and prevent scalded lips.

Thick Construction

Mini throwaway tumblers are a great way to keep kids hydrated without spreading germs.


Single-serving cups have a multitude of uses around the house. They are perfect for serving beverage samples or dishing out child-friendly portions to kids and even adult refreshment, such as expresso and cappuccino. Keep a supply of small disposable cups in the cabinet to prevent the spread of germs when it’s time to rinse with mouthwash or chase back pill and gel-cap medications. Small cups are also handy when mixing paints, stains, or adhesives for home-improvement or craft projects.


These pint-size babies are a must for get-togethers because they’re disposable and you can buy dozens for your money.


Nothing says, “Let the good times roll!” quite like a stack of party-size 16-ounce disposable cups. These classic go cups are perfect for entertaining large crowds, or anytime you’d rather deal with one recycling bin than wash a hundred glasses.