Health professionals generally recommend that desk workers try to get up and walk around once per hour or so, to get the blood flowing and put muscles into action—but that’s easier said than done. A new crop of desk-oriented exercise equipment might hold an answer. These bikes sit under your desk, allowing you to keep your joints moving and your heart rate a little bit increased. If you’re looking to add some light exercise into your workday, look no further.


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There are a few key things to consider when purchasing an under-desk bike. The most important is, well, the desk. These products will elevate your knees a few inches higher than they would normally, so ensure that your desk has enough clearance to allow for that. Another option is to move your chair backwards a bit, but that can make it a bit of a stretch to reach your keyboard. 


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You may ask yourself, how can I possibly be using a stationary bike while working? These products are meant to be used much differently from, say, a stationary bike at the gym. Instead of attempting to crank the difficulty as high as you can manage and break a sweat to burn calories, these devices are meant to simply keep you moving a little bit. The difficulty can be adjusted to become very, very light, just enough to provide a little resistance. That helps to keep your body moving and reduce the damages of sitting for long periods of time.

Another great feature to look for, depending on your space requirements, is collapsibility. Some under-desk bikes can fold into smaller, flatter packages, which allow you to store them away when not in use. That can be handy if you work at a space that isn’t always a workspace, like, say, a kitchen table. When you’re not sitting in that space? Fold it up and tuck it out of sight.