USB Extension Cables to Easily Plug In Computer Accessories

Extend it when you need it.

Sometimes it’s the little luxuries that feel the best. Like a great burger, or a big shower—or a USB cable long enough that you don’t have to worry about rolling over in bed and unplugging it.


The knitted nylon material in this multipack makes this item harder to tie up in knots. Available in multiple lengths and colors to suit your needs and style. AINOPE

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Extension cables are great because they’re so universal. Sure, you could replace every single cable you use with one that’s 10 feet long, but think about how many cables that is: at least one each for your phone, computer, tablet, camera, headphones, speakers, smartwatch, game console and controllers…the list goes on. Instead, just grab an extension and use it as you need it.

Fast Charger

This one—available in gray, red and black—supports quick data transfer for plugs that are blue inside. AINOPE

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You may notice a few different USB types in extension cables. USB-A is the older (but still the most popular) version, that rectangular one that has to be plugged in right-side up. But there are different versions of USB-A; look for USB-A 3.0, the newest and fastest version—these are usually blue inside. Don’t worry about compatibility, since it’s backwards-compatible with older versions of USB-A.

Maintains Speed

This product has a chip in it to ensure that data transfer is fast, even over its extreme length. CableCreation

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One thing you don’t have to worry about with USB extension cables is compatibility. They’ll work with any operating system you can throw at them—Windows, Mac and Linux—and will be compatible with any wall charger. But you will generally lose some power with longer cables, so these are best for gadgets that don’t require all that much power to begin with.