USB Outlet Covers to Charge and Plug In All Your Devices

Give your home an electric power upgrade.

We’ve all been there. Your phone or some other electronic device dies at the worst possible moment, and you need to recharge it, like, yesterday. Connecting it to the computer through a USB port will do the trick eventually, but you would have to wait forever to fill it with enough juice for it to be usable again. Plugging it into the wall through an adapter with a USB port would speed up the process, but not by much—and that’s only if you have an open outlet. Thankfully, there’s a far more expedient solution. Installing a USB outlet cover so you can plug your devices directly into a USB port attached to the wall will charge them 40 percent more quickly than going the adapter route. Read on to learn more.

Included Safety Measures

This item has built-in defense against unusual electricity occurrences caused by stormy weather, large appliances or random acts of the energy grid. Amazon

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USB outlet covers have a combination of USB ports and three-prong receptacles, and function just like the wall outlets you already have. Think of them as one-stop charging centers. Rather than recharging devices all over the house, you can do it all in one or two places and do it quickly.

Easy Installation

Tamper-resistant shutters prevent users from plugging in anything not designed to be used with this product. Amazon

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If you’ve spent years buying and losing phones and accumulating adaptors, a USB outlet cover will finally give you an excuse to toss out those old adaptors. And if you’re swimming in them but can never seem to find one when you need one, you won’t have to look any further for a recharge than your USB outlet cover.

Handy Bundle

These have an intellichip technology that recognizes your devices and delivers the strongest and safest charging power possible. Amazon

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It seems like there are never enough wall outlets for all of our electronic devices. A USB wall cover will not only give you more places to plug things in, but the USB ports will allow you to free up three-prong receptacles. Most USB wall covers have space for at least two three-pronged plugs and two USB connections, and they can accommodate a power strip, if needed. You’ll be less likely to have to give up one device just so you can power up another one. Lights, camera, phone charger!