USB Wall Chargers to Keep All of Your Devices Charged

Power up!

Today’s families have more than ten devices in the household, on average. That means those single charging blocks simply won’t cut it. USB wall chargers allow you to between charge three to six devices all at the same time. Say goodbye to spats over who gets to charge next!

Premium Performance

With 2.4 amps flowing to each device simultaneously, the whole family’s devices will be charged in no time. Amazon

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When shopping for a USB wall charger, pay attention to how many amps are distributed to each port. Some claim to be fast by focusing on total wattage, but it’s the amperage per port you need to consider if your device supports fast charging.

Ideal for International Travel

Save hassle and space with a smaller size that fits directly into an outlet. It has built-in protections against short circuits and overcurrents. Amazon

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Most USB wall chargers come with their own cord that plugs in, but it’s convenient when traveling to be able to plug directly into an outlet without having to remember to pack another cord. If you plan to travel internationally, make sure your model meets the voltage requirements of wherever you’re going.

Enhanced Safety Features

An included velcro strip makes this device easy to keep near any socket. Amazon

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It’s great to charge lots of devices quickly, but an overloaded charger can be dangerous. To avoid overheating or even a potential fire, choose a USB wall charger that sends an appropriate level of amperage to each port and has safety features in place to avoid overloading.