How to Create More Storage Space with Vacuum Bags

If your closet or attic seems to be overloaded with clothes or linens, you can free up space with a few plastic packs.

Keeping blankets, clothing, and other textiles fresh while in storage or transit is simple with vacuum bags that are specifically engineered for that purpose. No need to stuff everything into a garbage sack and then try to wrestle it into a manageable package. Vacuum storage bags easily create an airtight seal either from hand pressure or with a pump, saving space and securely stowing soft goods for the long haul.

Includes Manual Option

Compressing lines of out-of-season clothes is a great way to preserve room in your closet.


Bedding, spare pillows, and guest linens all take up precious storage room in the house. Compress and keep them fresh with a set of storage bags that can be compacted in a matter of seconds.

Reusable Choice

This product is terrific for cramming more into small suitcases.


Vacuum bags sold with a hand pump are perfect for travel. They reduce the size of luggage needed and are perfect for getting everything re-packed prior to the return trip.

Good for Storing Items

Keeping air and moisture out will help you preserve anything you’re not using.


Mold and mildew need oxygen and moisture to proliferate. Eliminate both conditions for long-term storage of seasonal clothes, down comforters, and anything else bound for deep storage in an attic, loft, garage, or warehouse.

Also Consider:

Double Sealed

This selection has utility clips attached to the back.


Multiple Sizes

This product comes with its own tool to remove air from each sack.