Wax Sprays To Keep Your Car Gleaming

Get a showroom finish in seconds with these clever cleaners.

Did you know that car wax actually pre-dates the first motor vehicle? In the early 1800s, a wax made from animal fats was developed in Germany to protect the paintwork of carriages that were pulled by horses. But vegans, don’t panic! These days they’re less likely to be made from animals and more likely to be made from highly sophisticated synthetic polymers.

The latest generation of spray waxes don’t require polishing, detailing, washing or treating. A simple spray-on, polish-off coat gets your car clean more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Here’s what you need to know.

All In One

This product quickly gives gloss to cars, bikes, boats—and even airplanes—and will protect against dirt and damage for months. Also available in 128oz format. Amazon

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While new spray waxes claim that you can entirely do away with washing your car, it’s worth bearing in mind that if your paintwork has a lot of dirt on it, you’d do well to give it a quick blast with the hose to get the worst of it off. However good a wax is, rubbing grit into paint is never going to do anything other than scratch it.

Safe for All Surfaces

The water-repellent finish of this hi-tech formula cleans, treats and perfects your paintwork, eliminating streaks, smears or scratches. Amazon

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You’ll need a cloth or sponge to work the spray into your car and polish it off; the best type of cloth for this sort of thing is a microfiber cloth. These won’t leave any threads behind, and the tiny fibers act like thousands of mini-sponges to wipe off any excess and polish your paintwork.

Complete Kit

Apply with microfiber towels supplied to maximize color, restoring your car to showroom shine and stopping future debris from sticking. A travel sized bottle is supplied for on the go touch-ups. Amazon

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Don’t wait for your car to get dirty before giving it another wax. For a start, if you’re working on a relatively clean paintwork, you can do away with the pre-rinse. Many car owners have also found that the resistance to water, bugs and dirt that these types of products give increases the more you use them. After the first handful of times, you really will be able to go longer between cleans as your car develops a resistant coating that just shrugs off the dirt.