Say “goodbye” to tripping in the dark, or having your kids wake up because they’re afraid of the dark. Night lights are a great addition to any room and one can make sleeping for everyone a much better experience. Here are the three age groups that might appreciate a night light during the darkest hours of the day.


When you’re new to this world, the dark can be a scary place, but a night light can make it all just a little more bearable. Hatch Baby

Babies typically don’t like sleeping in the dark, so make their sleep (and thus, your sleep) better by getting a night light. Look for one that also functions as a sound machine and a gentle “alarm” clock. The added feature of different lighting modes on a night light also makes waking up and going back to sleep much easier for your baby, thanks to the softer light late at night.


A night light can help kids lose their fear of monsters in the dark. Elmchee

When your kid is ready to upgrade their nightlight, look for one that has more fun features for them to enjoy. Something that doubles as a projector can turn their room into the night sky and help them sleep better. Enjoy multiple film options including the universe, stars, and happy birthday for special occasions.


If you constantly trip and stumble to get in and out of bed at night, a soft light can make life a little easier and safer. Vont

Few things can be more jarring to your half-asleep self than flipping on the bathroom light in the middle of the night and blinding yourself. Instead, get a night light that gives off just the right amount of light for your late-night bathroom breaks or walks to the kitchen for a glass of water. Look for one that turns on automatically, so you don’t have to remember, and that adjusts to the brightness of its surroundings.