Three Ways to Enjoy Hot Coffee on the Go

Coffee mugs and carafes have come a long way, so if you enjoy a good cup (or two or three) during your day, sip if from something that complements the experience.

For some people, drinking coffee is a way of life. Whether someone needs a highly caffeinated cup first thing in the morning, or prefers to sip weaker brew all day, it’s just part of their daily ritual. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, don’t make the mistake of drinking it from a cup that will either let it go cold, or make it tough to sip. Here are a few notes on what your next best coffee mug should have, and a short roundup of cups that won’t let you (or your coffee) down.

Loads of Colors

This one keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. YETI


From coffee to cola, a double-wall, vacuum-insulated mug or growler is a great way to keep your favorite beverage hot or cold. Any container made of food-grade (18/8) stainless steel will be BPA-free, minimize taste transfer, and is suitable for anything you decide to put in it.

Safe to Handwash

Keep your drink hot all day long, straight from your smartphone. Ember


Coffee consumption has led to the development of countless apps, so it only stands to reason that, eventually, app development would lead to more coffee consumption. Use an app on your smartphone to enjoy a cup of coffee maintained to the precise temperature you desire at any time of day.


If you drink more than one mug of coffee a day, a thermos might be the best option. Hydro Flask


For those who require more than one cup in the morning but can’t spend all day stalking a coffee machine in the breakroom, a thermos is the only solution. It’s the most efficient way to keep a larger volume of coffee up to temperature for hours at a time.