Regardless of whether you’re into sneakers or heels, chances are good you’ve struggled with the issue of how to organize your shoes and maximize storage space, not to mention make sure your footwear remains in good shape. Shoving shoes and boots under your bed is a no-go, throwing it all in a pile in your closet doesn’t work either, and littered on the floor around your home is just spreading the mess farther. To get the most out of your closet space, look for a shoe organizer that fits well in a space with a footprint that’s smaller than your pile of shoes. Here are some other things you might want to think about as you look for a solution that’s best for you (and your footwear).


Go High

A sturdy option with multiple levels means more space to arrange. Simple Houseware

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A no-frills rack makes for a great shoe organizer option that will help keep your home free of shoe clutter. While there is nothing fancy about this type of organizer, you don’t need fancy to keep your shoes in one place. A rising rack should fit well in a closet or by your entryway—wherever you want to keep everything in one place where you can see and select what you want to wear in a few seconds. You’ll likely find yourself wearing shoes you forgot you had after they’re organized and in front of you.


Go As High Or Low As You Want

This system lets you add additional levels if needed, or take some away after a closet purge. Seville Classics

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A stackable shoe organizer is great for someone who needs to maximize space but has a lot of shoes (or plans on getting more). The shelves in this type of organizer are solid, so you can stack multiple levels for more shoes without worrying about the structure falling apart. In fact, many stackable designs can support up to 30 pounds each, which translates into a lot of shoes. Try to cap your stack at three-tiers high, though, or else you may find yourself cleaning up an even bigger shoe mess.

Over the Door


To save as much closet space as possible, opt for one of these. Whitmor

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It’s hard to beat the small amount of space an over-the-door shoe organizer takes up because it’s likely space you aren’t using anyway. You can mount this rack behind the bedroom or closet door, so your shoes stay organized, all in one place, and out of your way. Also, this option is very easy to set up and ready to use in minutes. You can even dress it up a bit with some decorative hooks or nails.