Three Ways to Stay Connected to Your Pet at Home

Remote cameras and speakers allow you to check in on things at home, and even converse to help your animals feel calm.

Like the family member that they are, pets bring joy to our daily life. But when owners are away from the house it can create anxiety for both human and animal. Now, home-security technology has expanded to meet the needs of pet owners with cameras designed to monitor your best friend’s condition while you are out for an evening or just busy at work bringing home the bacon treats. Here are some of the features to look for in a home monitoring system for your pet.

Monitors Entire Room

This model rotates so you can view 360 degrees. NETVUE

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Two-way audio not only allows you to know when your dog is barking or alarmed, it enables you to communicate with the animal to calm it down. This is both a security benefit for the homeowner as well as a stress reliever for anxious pets.

Remote Feeder

This device lets your talk with, and reward, your favorite pooch. WOpet

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If simply talking your pet off the ledge doesn’t work, there is always the treat option. Many home pet cameras are equipped with app-activated treat dispensers that provide extra incentive for the animal to focus on your voice rather than its own nervous energy.

Lights Up the Dark

This product allows you to see puppy even when the room is completely dark. TOOGE

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No one goes out for the evening and intentionally leaves every light in the house on. It means it gets pretty dark for a pup at home alone. But a pet camera with night optics can cut through the gloom and offer peace of mind right through your smartphone whenever you are out.

Also Consider:

Wall Device

This model detects movement out to 30 feet. Petcube

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Lots of Storage

This model can save footage for up to 14 days. NETVUE

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