Three Keys to Selecting Weed Killer

If you’re struggle to keep your lawn looking like green carpet, a weed-control treatment can help.

Don’t be that guy with a chickenpox lawn, or the one who kills his neighbor’s prize posies with an accidental herbicidal overspray. We know a farmer whose weed strategy is to spray and kill everything that grows, and then plant. Don’t be him either. With a little understanding of the weeds you’re trying to kill and the best ways to kill them without resorting to Agent Orange on everything else, you can knock back your weed problems and have a healthy lawn and garden in the process. It boils down to knowing your weeds, being selective in what you’re targeting, and building an application strategy that accomplishes your herbicidal intent without a nuclear outcome.

Works for Up to Year

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Identifying your weeds is the first step in selecting an herbicide to get rid of them. Are they annual or perennial? Where and when do they most like to grow? What growth stage are they in? Then check labels to find a weed killer that specifically targets your weeds. Don’t assume that all weed killers are the same or are general purpose herbicides. Read the label and follow directions.

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Choose a weed-killing strategy with the least and shortest-term impact on desired plants and your surroundings. Timing matters, so determine whether a pre-emergence application, which prevents weed growth, or a post-emergence strategy (killing already growing weeds), is best. Consider using an organic strategy that may be gentler on your yard or garden. Follow instructions carefully and use an application method to “spot” target weeds or areas with minimal overspray.

One Application and Done

This product blocks regrowth for up to six months. Preen

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While there’s never any guarantee of a permanent solution to weed control, there are products designed to kill existing growth as well as preventing re-growth, germination or re-seeding. These products are less gentle to your lawn or garden and if used should be done carefully, applied judiciously, and on days with no wind.