What to Consider Before Buying a Wall Clock

Time for a new addition on the wall!

Sure, you have the time on every single device you own. But a wall clock can be a great addition to a room. It gives guests a view of the time without awkwardly pulling out their phone, it keeps you accountable for being on time and the right wall clock can also act as a piece of art, connecting design elements or themes together. Wall clocks aren’t high-tech, and that’s part of what makes them so great. The relatively low price point and range of options can help you choose one that looks great on your wall—and lets everyone know what time it is, right now.

Classic Option

Less than a foot in diameter, this value model can be easily hung and unobtrusively placed in any room you wish. Bernhard Products

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Battery-operated wall clocks are standard; assess what type and how many batteries the clock will use when you choose a model. And depending on how you’re using your clock, you may wish to look for one that has a “non-tick” or “silent tick” feature. This means that an audible second hand won’t interrupt a conversation.

Stick and See

Adhesive numbers allow you to make any surface your clock, with the freedom to control its dimensions. Vangold

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While sticker-style wall adhesive clocks require careful measuring to place, these options give you total design freedom. Sticker-style also doesn’t need to be exclusive to the wall; these can also be used on a table for a unique way to display your clock.

Rustic Chic

Made with distressed wood, this model can bring other design elements together to create a shabby-chic space. FirsTime & Co.

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A wall clock doesn’t just tell time. It lends itself to design. Choosing one that matches the mood of the room can tie together furniture and artwork in a seamless way. From farmhouse style to minimal and modern, considering the overall aesthetic of your room can help you choose a wall clock that will seamlessly blend with whatever else may be on your walls.

Multiple Gadgets in One

Multiple information points and an oversize light-up display gives key information; battery free with plug-in adaptor. AcuRite

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Analog clocks aren’t your only option when you’re looking for a wall clock. A digital display can help guide little ones who may be shaky on their time-telling skills, and may also have additional information, like the time and date. Having a digital option in a “hub” in your house, like the kitchen, can be invaluable for giving you necessary info at a glance while you plan your day.