When you find a set of wheels that suits you perfectly, it’s worth some extra effort to keep it clean. Experts recommend a good washing at least every two weeks and a thorough detailing twice a year to keep it in top shape. Even if you’re at the mercy of mechanics when it comes to how it runs, you can be in total control of how it looks with the right washing and detailing kit. A good one should include several essentials: a bucket with a dirt trap, car shampoo, a washing mitt, microfiber towels for drying, a wheel brush, car wax, leather cleaner for the interior, glass cleaner for the windows and a dust buster.

The package includes Butter Wet Wax, which melts into the paint and takes only minutes to give cars a showroom shine. As an added bonus, it offers protection against UV rays. Chemical Guys

Any old soap will not do. Cars require shampoo that’s made specifically for washing the exterior. Apply it with a washing mitt, which is gentler than an old towel or rag. For drying, microfiber towels are absorbent and won’t leave scratches.

A plastic tool box is included for easy storage of all the cleaning products. Snow Eagle-L

Don’t forget the tires. A wheel and rim brush will help you get to hard to reach places, and you can use a tire shine to get them looking brand new.

The nine products included can also be used to buff up house or office furniture. Chemical Guys

People tend to pay more attention to keeping the exterior clean, but the inside is where you’ll be spending the most time. If you have a leather interior, leather cleaner, saddle soap, and leather soap should spiff things up nicely, while window-cleaning wipes can take care of the glass. An anti-glare cleaner removes streaks and fingerprints.

Weighing in at 2.5 pounds, it has a high-power, 110-watt and 9.17-amp motor and metal turbine and can connect to the car’s 12-volt lighter port. ThisWorx for

A dustbuster can suck crumbs and debris from cloth seats as well as from the dashboard, the rear, and the trunk.