What to Look For in a Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen

Add a rustic and practical touch to your kitchen.

If you’ve ever designed a kitchen, you know that finding just the right sink is key. Apron sinks (also known as farmhouse sinks) have become a popular option for many kitchen builds in recent years, and for good reason. The deep basin makes them ideal for washing lots of dishes or large pots, and the seamless sunken countertop adds an element of style. They come in a variety of materials, styles and dimensions. But which apron sink is the right one for you? We have everything you need to figure out what option will work best in your space.

Multiple Sizes

Undermount basin with several accoutrements—a cutting board, dish shelf, bottom grid and strainer. Kraus

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One of the most convenient features of an apron sink is the depth. It’s perfect for washing large pots and bulky kitchen items, and because farmhouse sinks come in so many sizes, you don’t have to choose counter space over functionality. Apron sinks are usually mounted under the countertop, which gives a sleek look and makes it easy to sweep crumbs and water down the drain.

Material Matters

This modern-looking basin is almost 3 feet wide. Ruvati

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Farmhouse sinks were traditionally made from fireclay ceramic, but in recent years they have been made with sleek stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, rust-resistant and a cinch to clean. It also matches with other ultra-modern appliances.

Minimalist Aesthetic

This basin is well-made, durable and has a classic farmhouse look. BOCCHI

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While the front of most sinks are hidden by cabinetry and countertops, apron sinks are meant to have the front exposed. This style isn’t just chic—it’s also quite functional. It reduces splashing, which means you stay dry while you wash up your dishes.