What to Look for in a Great Drone for Kids

The sky is your new playground.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires the registration of drones that weigh over about half a pound. In 2019, that org reported that over 1.1 million people registered recreational drones in the United States. Here’s what to consider when shopping for a drone to get your kid started on this high-flying hobby.

Easy to Use

This aerial vehicle comes with multiple power sources for longer flying times. Holy Stone

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When it comes to kids, the first consideration is always safety. This is extra true with drones, since a high-flying aerial vehicle coming in for a landing has the potential to go a bit wonky in little hands. Look for a model without sharp edges to minimize owies in the event of a crash landing.

One-Button Operation

This one lets you direct the flight path using an app and in-flight orientation by simply tilting your phone. SNAPTAIN

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An easy-to-fly drone is ideal for young pilots since a gentle learning curve builds confidence. Look for a drone with multiple options for controlling the flight so that you can match the method to your child’s changing abilities (and hold their attention for longer timeframes). Some drones include classic remote controls, one-button launching, voice control and control by phone/app.

Premium Features

This mini aircraft responds to spoken commands. ATTOP

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It’s fun to fly a drone, but it’s even better to fly it for a purpose—like shooting awesome aerial footage. Look for models with a camera that offers full-color and panoramic modes so you can download and share the flight pics or video. Be sure to check the privacy laws in your area before you start filming those weird neighbors, though.

Also Consider

This flyer needs no remote control since it responds to body signals from your palm and fingers. Force1

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This high-tech model can stay in the air for more than half an hour at a time and can pair with both Android and iOS devices. DJI

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