What to Look for in Hair Catchers for Shower Drains

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

On the list of gross experiences, the sudden realization that your shower isn’t draining—or even worse, that your shower drain is backing up all over your feet—is definitely high on the list. The major cause of drain clogs is hair, which can clump inside the drain and prevent other stuff, like soap residue and body oils, from flushing down. And, once you have a clogged drain, you’re faced with trying to dig out or dissolve that clog yourself or with the help of a plumber. This is definitely one of those things where an ounce of prevention trumps a pound of cure. Here’s what to look for in a hair catcher to keep your drain flowing freely.

Fits Specialized Plumbing

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The first thing to consider is what type of drain you need to cover. For regular drains, any drain protector that sits on or inside the drain will work—but look for an option that’s grippy or weighted so it doesn’t slide off the drain. Pop-up drains require a tall drain protector to fit over the pop-up feature and keep all that hair out.

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A drain protector needs to keep shed hair out of the plumbing while still allowing water and grime to flow through easily. After all, the whole point is not to stand in backed up water (looking at you, super-fine mesh drain inserts). For flat drain protectors, look for draining holes combined with bumps or ridges designed to catch any stray hairs that make it through the drain protector.

Innovative Design

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If looking at caught hair and gunk squicks you out, consider a drain protector that fits inside your drain opening. These direct the hair down the drain where it’s caught just out of sight—so the least squeamish member of your household can lift it out and dispose of it. Some of these can hang onto more than a week’s worth of hair before they need cleaning.