Whiskey Stones To Keep Your Drink Cold Without Watering It Down

Make any drink a cold one.

Many true whiskey connoisseurs, whether they prefer bourbon, scotch or rye, like their favorite drink chilled and not watered down. Having your drink on the rocks will cool it down well, but the melting ice can dilute the taste, leaving some less than satisfied. Whiskey stones are the perfect solutions. Pull these handy stones from the freezer, drop them in your drink and enjoy a fantastic libation without watering down your favorite drink. Whiskey stones are available from a simple set of stones to extravagant sets with glasses, coasters, display cases and other items. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best set for you.

Comes with Extras

Pop these cubes into the included bag, which can go directly into the freezer to cool them until ready for use. Cool Stones

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While many whiskey stones are made from soapstone, a number of other materials are used, including granite and basalt. One thing they all have in common is they chill drinks easily and are simple to clean up after use. Make sure the whiskey stones you purchase are smooth, not rough, as rough ones can scratch or mar the inside of your expensive whiskey glasses. Also, a set with tongs will allow you to gently put the stones into your glass without any damage. And speaking of glasses, if you are shopping for a whiskey stone set that includes glasses, lead-free is always the way to go.

Tongs Included

These granite cubes can be rinsed under water and popped back in the freezer when you’re done with them. W WHISKOFF

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If you want your whiskey really cold, a stone might not do the trick, and ice, as we have discussed, will quickly dilute your drink. That’s where stainless steel whiskey bullets, cubes or spheres come into play. Since they are steel, they get cold much faster in the freezer and transfer their cold to whiskey more quickly. For stainless steel “stones,” cube-shaped chillers will keep your drinks colder longer when compared to balls or bullets because of the additional surface area touching your bourbon or scotch.

Won’t Scratch Glasses

This soapstone option maintains a cold temperature for long periods of time. Quiseen

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Soapstone whiskey stones are extremely common for a number of reasons—not the least of which is that their nonporous surfaces make them very easy to clean. In fact, some manufacturers say their stones can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that whiskey stones can become scratched, scuffed and scratchy if they aren’t well taken care of. If you’re particular about such things, look for a whiskey stone set that includes a velvet bag to keep your stones protected when they are not doing their job of giving you the best sip of whiskey ever.