Three Keys to Finding a Wireless Guitar Transmitter/Receiver

Pairing your guitar to your amp with a wireless system makes it easy to move about on stage and broadcast crystal-clear sound.

wireless guitar systems
Most wireless guitar systems aren’t expensive, but you’ll get more feature with the more you’re willing to spend.Ammoon

Fans of the film Spinal Tap recall the aborted Air Force base concert when air traffic control commands started blurting out of their amps. If you’ve played long enough, at some point you gigged in a place where hotel security walkie-talkies or a local radio station shared your amp’s frequency, which then broadcast through your amp, often in mid-song. It’s enough for anybody to say, “No way!” to a wireless system. However, today’s wireless sets are pretty bomb-proof as long as you factor in variable operating frequencies, range and power options that work best for you. Playing Free Bird takes on new meaning with a wireless transmitter/receiver set.

Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Digital Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar Bass

USB Cable Included

A “plug and play” automatic sync feature is super easy to use.Getaria

Most quality wireless sets offer operating frequency options to enable use without competing with other instruments or area radios broadcasting on the same frequency.

NUX B-5RC Wireless Guitar System for All Types of Guitar with Active or Passive Pickup Charging Case included

Compact & Lightweight

This set has a range of 15 meters without interference.NUX

If your style includes bartop playing or wandering in the audience, make sure your wireless system has the range you need. Consider distance as well as interference by walls, curtains or other people.

ammoon Wireless Guitar System 2.4G Rechargeable 6 Channels Audio Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar Bass

No More Signal Interference

The built-in lithium battery lasts up to five hours.ammoon

Many of today’s wireless sets feature re-chargeable battery powered transmitters and receivers. The better systems feature lithium or similar high quality re-chargeable batteries, designed to withstand many re-charges. Whatever battery system is used, be sure it will more than hold the charge as long as your gig.