Three Features You Need in a Women’s Rain Jacket

You’ll be belting “Singing in the Rain” with these rain jackets.

The great news is this: you can find some great women’s rain jackets without dipping into your savings account. Affordable jackets exist that give you everything you need and leave you money to buy a ticket to the movie (because that’s clearly the best thing to do when it’s raining). Before you run out and buy a women’s rain jacket out of desperation, take some time to plan ahead and consider our three tips on how to find the right rain jacket for you.

Make Sure it’s Waterproof

This may sound obvious, but some rain jackets are merely water resistant. MOERDENG

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The term “rain jacket” can mean a variety of things, so when you’re shopping for yours, make sure it states it is waterproof. This is the only way you will stay dry. Otherwise, you may be warm for a bit, but you’ll quickly become a wet dog and, thus, miserable. You want a women’s rain jacket that made with a performance fabric that has a specific coating on it. This ensures the water will bead and slide right off the jacket to keep you dry.

Make Sure it’s Warm

If you’re in a place that is both cold and wet, you need a rain jacket that is on the heavier side. Columbia

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The heaviness of your rain jacket depends on where you plan to wear it. If it’s somewhere the temperatures won’t dip too low, all you need is a light women’s rain jacket to keep the water off of you. But if you’re somewhere that could potentially chill you to the bone, you want to double up and get a rain jacket that is heavy-duty and waterproof. If you’re traveling, how packable the jacket is an important thing to consider as well. Speaking from experience, heavy women’s rain jackets do not pack into a suitcase as easily as lightweight pack jackets, which don’t insulate as well, so there’s a tradeoff.

Make Sure it Fits

The fit of your rain jacket goes beyond just what size you wear. The North Face

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When shopping for a women’s rain jacket, you want to think about whether you plan to layer underneath. If you see layering in your future, then you want a jacket that has a looser fit that allows for stacking up your top half. If layering isn’t part of the plan, opt for a fitted jacket to keep your temperature at a comfortable level when the rain starts to pour. With the right fitting women’s rain jacket and hood, you can leave your umbrella at home.