Three Reasons an Alarm Clock is Better Than the Alarm on Your Phone

Wake up the old fashioned way.

The smartphone has replaced all kinds of gadgets: calculators, film cameras, GPS units. But one device you may not want to swap with your phone is an alarm clock. Here’s why.

Jolts Your Eyes Open

Includes a shimmying puck to place under your pillow. Sonic Alert

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Smartphone alarms can only be so loud—and the vibrate option is sometimes easy to ignore. But today there are alarm clock options especially made for heavy sleepers or those with hearing impairment that feature extra-loud sounds, flashing lights and even vibrating attachments that can jiggle and shake you awake.


Slowly growing brightness mimics morning rays. LBell

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Sunrise is a natural alarm clock, gradually bringing a person from deep sleep to wakefulness. Clocks that simulate the increasing gradual brightness of the sun are a more gentle way to wake up than being jarred out of your dreams by a loud sound.

Nice Big Numbers

Choose from numbers that glow in fun green, yellow, red, blue and white hues. DreamSky

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Unlike your smartphone, a clock can do double duty as your alarm and a piece of cool bedroom decor. Whether that’s a wooden bell-ringer, a minimalist mid-century-modern clock, or a cheerful and colorful design, clocks are underrated as decor elements. Look for one that matches your aesthetic.