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If you’re regularly hunkered down at your laptop, scheduled standing breaks can be smart to reduce fatigue and energize your body and mind. But nagging aches and pains can make it all too easy to sit for long periods. An anti-fatigue mat provides support for your feet and legs, making it easier to stand during meetings or at a standing desk, or to do kitchen chores. Anti-fatigue mats can also help your knees if, for example, you have little ones you need to help in a tub. Here’s why an anti-fatigue mat can soothe your feet and legs, and how to pick the best one for you.

Wipes Clean

Made of eco-friendly materials, cushioned unit has a non-slip bottom that allows it to stay in place. Sky Solutions

If you’re planning to use your mat in the kitchen while you’re cooking or washing dishes, look for a mat that allows you to easily wipe messes away. Most mats also have a non-slip surface on the bottom, so people won’t trip and it will stay in place even when rambunctious toddlers or pets run across.

So Many Colors

Multiple layers create a ¾ inch thick cushion. Textured design and multiple shades allow you to match the product to your room decor. Kangaroo

Ergonomic mats work by providing multiple layers of support for your feet. Standing on hard floors can cause stress to your feet and legs. The foam used in anti-fatigue mats can provide additional support that allows you to stand comfortably for longer periods of time.

Multiple Sizes Available

Ergonomic design made of antimicrobial materials. Comes in medium and large models. ComfiLife

Anti-fatigue mats aren’t just for standing. They can also help protect your knees. Consider using one when you’re bathing a child in a tub, or using one for projects where you may be on your knees for long periods, like furniture construction. Mats can stay in one place, or can be brought to where you’re doing a specific task.