Three Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Bottles

As a new parent, there are so many products you need to worry about buying, but the most important is baby bottles.

Baby bottles
Because the first growth stages of your baby are so important, choose bottles that are BPA-free and easy for baby to use.Comotomo

From the first days of life until your child’s first bites of solid food, baby bottles help your kiddos get the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy, in as easy a way as possible. But one thing that has changed over the years is the different features bottles offer that translate into a better experience all-around, for you and your baby. When you’re shopping for the right baby bottle, you’ll want to find a set with dual anti-colic vents and an easy transition from the nipple, that made with BPA-free materials.

Anti-colic Vents

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green
Having a proper balance of air coming into the bottle makes it easier for baby to drink.Comotomo

One thing you may not think about with a baby bottle is how much air your baby is taking in when he or she sucks on the bottle. If there is not enough, it makes it hard to get any of the milk or liquid in the bottle. However, if there is too much air going into the baby bottle, your baby may suffer from colic. With a baby bottle that promises anti-colic vents, baby can get the right amount of milk flow sans the extra air, which can also reduce the number of spit ups during burping, among other things.

Nipple Transition

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles for Baby
It may not seem to be confusing to go between a nipple and a bottle, but it can be for a baby.Lansinoh

Babies typically get used to a mother’s nipple because it’s associated with their first feeding experiences, so that is what they come to expect every time they drink milk. It’s nearly impossible to have your baby latch on every time he or she is hungry, and that reliance upon a bottle is inevitable. While the difference for you will be huge, you don’t really want your baby to notice the change and want to look for a baby bottle that has a nipple on it that mimics your own. Some baby bottles can do just that and reduce any nipple confusion your baby may have.


Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles, 3 Pack of 8 Ounce Breastfeeding Bottles with Nipples, Lids, Wide Base Collars, and Travel Caps, Made Without BPA
Safe products for your baby all-around are important, and especially ones he or she will be putting in the mouth.Medela

Babies are curious and love putting things in their mouths, but you want to steer clear of objects going into their mouths that contain harmful chemicals. BPA is one of those harmful chemicals. So, make it a point to buy a baby bottle that is BPA-free and you will keep your baby safe from harm while he or she is enjoying some milk.