Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Changing Pad

There is far more to think about baby changing pads than just the cushion and surface.

No one ever said that changing diapers is fun. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t want it to be. A baby changing pad is the secret to simplifying your diaper changing duties, as it keeps messes in one place and reduces the amount of laundry you have to do, especially after a messy change. When you decide to purchase a baby changing pad, you’ll want to consider features like a toy bar, a safety belt, and an easy-wipe surface.

Odor Proof

Keeping your baby focused on other things while you’re changing diapers is key. Skip Hop

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If you’ve ever changed a diaper, you know that babies love to get in the way. They like to try to get their hands in there and make things difficult and messy for you. That’s why a diaper changing pad with a distraction like a detachable toy bar helps keep the little one occupied while you do the dirty work.

Added Security

Safety is always first, even if it’s positioned on the floor. Summer Infant

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It seems that babies save up a great deal of their squirming for when you’re trying to change their diaper. Talk about bad timing. In order to keep your baby in place while also keeping him or her safe (since your hands are otherwise occupied), get a baby changing pad with a safety belt that keeps your little squirmy wormy safely in place.

Easy-Wipe Surface

Sometimes you only have time for a swipe clean. Munchkin

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As much as all parents love the initial idea of keeping everything as clean as possible, when it comes to the reality of things, laundering your baby changing pad after every use is impossible. However, you want to ensure you’re keeping things clean and sanitary for both you and your baby, so an easy-wipe baby changing pad can become your best friend. Find one you can clean up with anti-bacterial wipes that don’t leave any residue behind.