Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Swing

If you need a parenting break, a baby swing can save your day.

With a baby, it can be hard to find time to get anything done but take care of the baby. Naps are great but don’t always happen, and you don’t want to just set the baby down and let him or her roam because that can end in disaster. These are situations when a baby swing can swoop in to save the day. A gentle swing is the ideal way to take some stress off your shoulders (both literally and figuratively) and keep your little one happy and swinging away.

Mom-Like Cradler

Your child might not even notice you’re not holding them anymore. 4moms

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Make the transition from your arms to the baby swing seamless with the help of a baby swing that features motions that mimic your arm and body movements. Rather than a swing that just moves forward and backward, look for one that offers additional motions including up and down, side to side, and much more. This will keep your baby feeling relaxed and give you some relaxation time, too.

Power Options

Buying batteries to keep these running can get expensive, so find one that has an optional plug. Graco

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While you can’t put a price tag on having some time to yourself and being able to do some work or just relax without your baby in your hands, you can end up paying a lot in batteries if you get a baby swing that doesn’t also come with a plug-in option. Having both gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to run on batteries when you need to but plug in when its available.

Soothing Tunes

Pick songs that will help keep your baby calm and happy. Fisher-Price

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You don’t have to worry about singing to your baby to keep them happy with the right baby swing. Find one that comes with built-in song selections that your baby will love listening to while you free up your hands to do other things. Even better yet, opt for one that includes natural sounds to create a more peaceful setting for your baby during those times when he or she is feeling cantankerous or is in need of a nap.