Three Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Wipes

You may not think about what’s in baby wipes, but you should for the sake of your child’s health.

Baby wipes are essential to not only your baby’s health, but yours as well. Wiping up after a mess using just some tissue is not going to leave your baby happy and is also not going to properly clean what just happened. Baby wipes are the best solution for cleaning up baby messes and cleaning them up properly, without leaving a trail for things like bacteria to follow. When shopping, get baby wipes that are fragrance-free, that are safe for sensitive skin, and are free of other chemicals.

Fragrance Free

While it may seem nice to have your wipes scented, it is no good for your baby. Amazon Elements

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We all love scented things. Especially when those scented things cover up bad smells (like a diaper explosion). However, scented baby wipes are not the way you want to go. Oftentimes the perfumes used in these scents can be harmful to your baby, which is troublesome because you’re using them to clean very sensitive areas that you do not want to mess with. Instead look for baby wipes that are fragrance-free. They’ll still get the job done, just sans the risk.

Safe for sensitive skin

Baby’s skin is some of the most sensitive you’ll care for, so treat it appropriately. Badge: Pampers

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Feel like you have sensitive skin? You’ve got nothing on your baby whose skin is so sensitive that just one rough baby wipe can cause a problem. In order to avoid skin irritations, grab baby wipes that are made with sensitive skin in mind, and are extra thick to make the wiping feel more smooth and gentle, whether it be on your baby’s bum, face, or anywhere else.

Chemical Free

Chemicals used in household cleaning products are not ones you want in your baby’s wipes. The Honest Company

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Chances are good you don’t allow your baby around harmful chemicals, so be sure you aren’t exposing him or her to anything dangerous via baby wipes. Lots of bad things can easily sneak into wipes that can irritate your babies’ skin, or worse. Alcohol, for example, is a great cleaning agent, but when it comes to your baby, you don’t want wipes with alcohol anywhere near him or her or it can cause some very negative reactions, including severely drying out their skin.